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When it comes to having an active sex life over 40 many "experts" will tell you that your masculine vitality begins to head south like a run of geriatrics escaping a East Coast winter. We here at Men's Health 40 Plus only have one thing to say about the one-eyed trouser trout not being able to swim upstream after you turn 40 and beyond...



Here's the bottom line for us at Men's Health 40 Plus, we believe firmly that you can maintain a wonderful, active and fulfilling love life AND you can, without a doubt, also continue to sport a diamond cutt'n, steel reinforced man-pole at full salute to the day you check out Brothers!  All it takes is a couple of minor adjustments, a sprinkle of man-wisdom and some down and dirty (we like it dirty) advice. 


We also vow to tell you the truth and


Fact is there is a lot of hype out there about male performance after 40, 50, 60 and beyond and most of it is based in fear and "statistics" quoted by "experts" and all of it is designed to turn you to little blue pills and other garbage hoping to take your money and run! That is worthy of a Men's Tampon Award because it's pure bullshit!  Consider us the sworn enemy of quick fix solutions because nature has the answers Brothers and the news is ALL GOOD!

Our main goal is to give you a ton of rock solid information and XXX hard-core advice without the hype and B.S. We will help you to achieve an active sex life from 40 and beyond and we will have some laughs along the way...we hate being politically correct, so if you are easily offended, piss off, grow a set and Man-up!      

Whether you enter this site from the back end or the front end, whatever orafice you chose,(and for the record we don't judge that preference), 



We will cover everything from disease prevention, to how to seduce your partner to get more skull, to how to prolong ejaculation (got your attention yet?)...the gamut delivered in clear, concise man-speak.  So just select the topics you want to penetrate from our ever expanding and engorged table of contents below and then go bang've earned it.

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Warning!  This is a NO PRINCESS Zone! 

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Let's get something straight right off the bat - if you are looking for a website that specializes in promoting cucumber and Amazon Rain Forest Monkey-Stuff facials, you definitely are in the wrong place!  This is about the MOST precious thing you own as a man.  No, its not your steel reinforced man-pole...although that IS a close second.  This is about your health and wellness, and  we aren't gonna dance around anyone's delicate sensibilitiewhen it comes to speaking our truth on something that is, quite literally, a mater of life and death!  

Slay that Inner-Princess and MAN-UP Brother, cause the rides about to begin!

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