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So, what's the with the video showing Women of Fitness got to do with men's health information? Not a filppin' thing, we just wanted to make certain we had your attention with some gratuitous sexual references.

Got a problem with that?

Didn't think soand if you do, get lost, this site is not for you.  

Know this Brothers; our relentless mission is to always


but not in a way that's gonna make ya think were making a prison movie without the decency to give you a reach around in the process. (See Prison Style - the Ultimate Workout to protect yourself in all men's shower situations! And, if you like brutal workouts, check out Special-Forces workout cuz these guys make prisoners look like pussies!)   

Seriously Brothers, when it comes to real men's health and wellness information tailored for Men, we are expanding constantly with the goal to cover it all, including something we are truly excited to offer, a way to cleanse your body AND Build Muscle!    

Here's a few topics to get you going;


how keep your man-pole at full salute for your entire long and healthy life!

Pulling Punches


Let's face it fellas, once you crest 40 your tolerance for dancing around the truth is just about zero. We know you will appreciate our candid man-to-man straight talk, and we aren't gonna pull our punches.  

Hope you are OK with that cause it is our personal promise thayou will NOT find lick of any metro-sexual, candy-ass, I'm worried about offending everyone, tipping through the tulips of political correct bullshit here. 

We deliver truth and don't apologize for it…period!

If that offends a few people we are just fine with that. Go whimper off to a peacock feather, avocado essential oil massage and cry yourself a river princess. We here at Men's Health 40 Plus don't have have time or patience to cater to delicate sensibilities here and there is 


Wasting Time

We respect one very important characteristic about men over 40, you want cutting edge information on health and wellness hard and fast.

Excellent, because we are "old school" in our attitude and of coursewe like it hard and fast. That means we are gonna provide you with concise information that is the best-of-the-best without a bunch of ridiculous hype and fluff.  

Constantly Growing

This site is constantly growing with our own material and material submitted by readers like you!  Having launched in 2013, content is being added daily to keep you as up to date as possible on current trends affecting your health and wellness.  

On many pages you will find areas to submit everything from our infamous Men's Tampon Awards to the latest bad-ass exercises you've found along your journey through life.  We want it all from you Baby, so please contribute and help our community grow!  

Everything is Free


Absolutely 100% of the content on men's health site is free. PERIOD!. This is NOT a membership site. Our writers and members contribute the content and yes that means you too if you want to add your two cents!  

Many of our pages have forms at the bottom for you to contribute articles and content for your Brothers. It takes a village to raise the man-pole to full salute, so contribute!

Yes, we do have advertisers, sponsors and affiliate's we have partnered with. They are from sources we trust based on the research we have done and no one makes it past our gates without being fully vetted and up to our impossibly high standards. If we recommend something like Master Amino Acid Pattern supplements, you can rest assured it's the real deal fellas.

Search The Site


Find what you are looking for by using the table of contents on the right or below (they are the same). Within each main topic, you will find additional tables of contents at the bottom of the pages to go deeper down the rabbit hole.  Everything is linked so you can find your way back around in your quest for health and wellness. 

Welcome aboard! 

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Let's get something straight right off the bat - if you are looking for a website that specializes in promoting cucumber and Amazon Rain Forest Monkey-Stuff facials, you definitely are in the wrong place!  This is about the MOST precious thing you own as a man.  No, its not your steel reinforced man-pole...although that IS a close second.  This is about your health and wellness, and  we aren't gonna dance around anyone's delicate sensibilitiewhen it comes to speaking our truth on something that is, quite literally, a mater of life and death!  

Slay that Inner-Princess and MAN-UP Brother, cause the rides about to begin!

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