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What's a women's fitness video got to do with Men's Health 40 Plus?  Not a flipping thing...got a problem with that?

Hope not, cuz you have found THE place to let your boys out of their apple-bag to swing in the breeze of life. After all, isn't that the best part about being a Man?



That means we don't pull our punches or don't worry about offending anyone and we don't apologize for it if we do. This is about your health and that's some serious business Brothers, for some of you even a matter of life and death so we won't compromise in speaking our truth, period.

If your delicate sensibilities are easily offend...take your skinny jean wearing candy-ass and whimper off to a avocado, essential oil, cucumber facial while you get a mani-pedi cuz your wasting your time here Buttercup.

This is a website dedicated to MEN WHO ARE NOT AFRAID to stand fully in ethical male energy!      


There are THREE WAYS you can come play with us assuming you are man-enough to play in our NOT political correct world. 

First Way: Surf the site using the navigation bar on your right to access to the following mind-blowing, content and information: 

  • Prison Workouts, Special Forces Workouts and Hard-Core Fitness Tips
  • Increasing Testosterone, Performance and Improving Your Sex Life
  • Nutrition to Shred Fat and Build Lean Muscle 
  • Men's Tampon Awards (so many beeaches, so little time) 
  • Real Stress Management that Does NOT Involve Huggn' Trees.

And MUCH more!  

Second Way: Get a $50 gift card to shred fat and build muscle while making your body as healthy as possible from the inside out. Just click on the muscle building cleanse below and know you have NOTHING TO LOSE because it offers a 60 day money back guarantee! Click on the link for all the details - NO STRINGS ATTACHED!  

Surround your Man-Pole with  


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Men's Health 40 Plus

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Third Way: Need to Slay Your Inner Princess and Man-The-F&%k  Up?  Click on the link below to learn more about our truly one-of-a-kind coaching program. Our Man-Coach, Kent Rodgers, makes a drill sergeant look like a pussy but you will Man-Up, Guaranteed!   

WARNING...not for the WEAK OF HEART!  

Slay Your Inner Princess

Men's Health 40 Plus 

Coaching Programs for the

select few

that are really ready to take it to the next level assuming your 

Man Enough Beeach!  

Warning!  This is a NO PRINCESS Zone! 

mens health

Let's get something straight right off the bat - if you are looking for a website that specializes in promoting cucumber and Amazon Rain Forest Monkey-Stuff facials, you definitely are in the wrong place!  This is about the MOST precious thing you own as a man.  No, its not your steel reinforced man-pole...although that IS a close second.  This is about your health and wellness, and  we aren't gonna dance around anyone's delicate sensibilitiewhen it comes to speaking our truth on something that is, quite literally, a mater of life and death!  

Slay that Inner-Princess and MAN-UP Brother, cause the rides about to begin!

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